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Kreeps were asked to regroup once more as the Grim County Coroners to cast another spooky, doom-surf laden spell over a Halloween themed luau shirt package - the new collaboration from Dead Sled Brand (purveyors of fine, hearse-related clothing) and Paradise Hell (horror-tiki merch enthusiasts) - a must-have for beach goths everywhere!


The exotica-inspired track comes as a free download with each shirt package (or for individual download purchase) and sets a perfect mood for sipping cocktails out of the skulls of your enemies!


The Full length Uncut 2 Minute and 47 second version of the Red Dead Redemption : Undead Nightmare track "The Dead Sled" by Kreeps, available for the first time to download and on streaming platforms.


Single sleeve art by Bob Nixon

TIKI SURF WITCHES WANT BLOOD OST  Dominick Kreep. & The Grim County Coroners

From the mists of the Isle Of Diablo, Dom Kreep emerges with The Grim County Coroners in this soundtrack to Sex And Monsters Publishing's  cult comic book favorite ‘TIKI SURF WITCHES WANT BLOOD’ - the retro-horror cocktail guide that shocked the nation! 

For further reading - find the original ‘TIKI SURF WITCHES WANT BLOOD’ comic book by Will Penny at


Their first album proper in 7 years - "Moon Stand Still...' returns you to Kreeps' dark and dreamy, twilight hinterland. Touching upon a treasure trove of torchlight balladeers, early Rock and Roll, and the darker side of Surf music, echoing 60’s girl-group rhythms and swooning tremolo guitar play out against lyrical themes of paranoia, melancholy, and new world anxiety as ghostly choirs carve out spiritual hymns of dissolving nightmares.

Anchor 2

The Soundtrack to the Sex And Monsters Published horror comic 'Tales From grim County' features a collection of wild, fuzzy, surfsploitation instrumentals by Kreeps (performing as Grim County Coroners), throwing the echoing twang of The Ventures, the experimental electronics of Bruce Haack, the fuzz of Link Wray, the sounds of sinister girlie shows and a hundred horror and exploitation B-movies in a blender then drinking the hideous goop that comes out.

The Grim County Coroners collected works appears digitaly for the first time and is also available in physical format as a full length horror anthology comic 'Kreeps Presents - Tales From Grim County', featuring several tales of the Macabre brought back from the dead by artists such as Nik Poliwko, Mike Hoffman, and Tales From The Crypt's own Mike Vosburg to name a few. Comic book editions are available in the store.


Coming through like a fevered dream splintered with funeral waltzes, surf echoes, psychedelic blues and haunting prom ballads, Kreeps return with a richer and deeper sound on their third full length 'Spirit Clinic'. 

Infused with tales of spiritual possession, impending doom, romantic cruelty and exile - 'Spirit Clinic' explores new sonic territory, adding a heady combination of sweeping violins, bubbling synths, ghostly saxophones and deep, shimmering baritone guitars to the signature Kreeps mix.

Those who feel it's pull will discover an eerie hinterland to inhabit.

Also available on CD and limited edition box from the store.


Mixing bits of Joy Division, Buck 65, The Horrors and Magnetic Fields into a sour cocktail all it s own, Kreeps are what a garage band might sound like if said garage was actually a mausoleum.

Singing sad songs of bloodlust and black hearts (the lyric a scratched record never reaches the end nicely sums up the fatalism worming throughout), The Count Dom Kreep and his band of experimental, similarly surnamed punks set Dead Sounds to the beat of a terrible tambourine, creeping keys, suicide synths and a haunted harmonica.

Tunes range from downright dreary ( Fire in Heart Goes Out ) to joyously nihilistic ( Cold Heart Twist, which also features a theremin rocking out over a surf guitar solo!).



Strange, bastard waves for a dead generation - Album Of The Year - RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE


From the debut alt-punk-funk single on Output Recordings, through the trash-goth single on Loog Records, to the limited drum-heavy Psyche 45 on Alpha-Ville in Japan - Kreeps has consistently proved never to be a one trick pony and nothing underlines this better than their first long player Belly Full Of Razor Blades . From doom-surf to horror punk, tripped out blues, psychedelic punk funk and creepy anti-folk lullabies, Kreeps continue refusing to be pigeonholed on this bizarre and dark journey into a B-Movie nightmare.


Selections from the soundtrack to Rockstar Games' 'Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare' featuring Kreeps songs Bad Voodoo, The Dead Sled, and Dead Man Walking.

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