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Kreeps Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary Of Debut Album 'Belly Full Of Razor Blades' With New En

Hard to believe (for us at any rate) - but Kreeps debut album 'Belly Full Of Razor Blades' is ten years old this year! The record, released on the Exi-Tone imprint, was the first to hint at the broad range of influences and styles to come further down the line from Kreeps, and also the first to incorporate the incredible, award winning art and design work of long time collaborator Robert 'Nix' Nixon (AKA Bobby Kreep).

In observance of this milestone, Kreeps will be presenting a brand new 'Belly Full Of Razor Blades' enamel pin with album sleeve imitation backing card! Also available for the first time will be a limited amount of 'Spirit Clinic - Negativ Land Edition' ghost mascot pins - a replica of the inverse Spirit Clinic second run limited edition box set. Original Spirit Clinic Glow In The Dark enamel pins and Spirit Clinic Tees are also back in stock for the first time - and all will be dropping into the store at 12;00 noon, March 22nd Pacific Time.

In addition, to celebrate, some of our past releases will also be heavily discounted for a limited time, including all cd's, vinyl, tees, and the Grim County Coroners Board Game and Vinyl Box Sets! There are only a few of these left, so now is the time!

Thank you for all your support over the years - we can't thank you spooks enough!


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