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New Kreeps / Robert Nixon Collaboration Featured in Coffin Cuties Magazine

Check out the latest edition of Coffin Cuties Magazine featuring Robert Nixon’s photo shoot of Toronto burlesque star and model Red Herring in the 80’s horror film inspired set ‘Summer Camp Slasher 2: The Wolfening’.

The shoot comes with a free companion soundtrack download from Kreeps under the synth leaning moniker 'Pumpkin Guts'. To claim your free download head to our store, add the track to your cart and apply the code : COFFINCUTIES at checkout! Your download will be available instantly.

Go check out Coffin Cuties for more details on the full shoot and other great features from Italian soundtrack legends 'Goblin', Gordon Smuder of Transylvania Television, Dani Thompson, Emily Åström, Dixie Bandit, Angie Stevenson and more! Visit

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