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Kreeps and Creepy Co. Bring You The Halloween Beats

Like some kind of beautiful Halloween wish, Kreeps collaborated with artist Matt Durston on curating the tracks for this ‘Coffin Bangers’ Halloween music compilation for none other than one of our favourite companies, Chicago's Creepy Co.!

This cool USB cassette designed by Matt comes with a slew of frightening dance floor fillers hand picked by the both of us, and comes as part of their limited Trick Or Treat bags with a bunch of other spooky goodies. If you’ve ever seen Dom Kreep DJ’ing his beloved vinyl 45’s you’ll know what to expect!

Go and grab one quick and wake up the dead with your Kreeps curated Coffin Bangers Mix at Creepy Co!

Thanks Matt and Creepy Co., and HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!

UPDATE: Trick Or Treat bags now Sold out! Thanks Everyone!

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