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Long Gone Gulch Trailer Featuring Kreeps Soundtrack Released!

The trailer for mythical western animation Long Gone Gulch by Zach Belissimo (Cartoon Network) and Tara Billinger (Disney) has finally landed complete with string twanging, drum beating soundtrack by Kreeps!

If you’re lost in the desert and get caught in a sandstorm, you’ll probably die…or end up in LONG GONE GULCH! An oddly vast place where creatures of legend, myth and folklore all around the world co-exist together in harmony…sometimes! Thats why sheriffs Rawhide and Snag must constantly keep peace through out the Gulch’s endless miles of weird and strange. Along with the help (or lack there of) from their friends, The Mayor, Squatch, BW and Pinchley, they can restore the mystic town to its former glory.

Check out the trailer in full here!

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