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Kreeps Soundtracked Cartoon Pilot 'LONG GONE GULCH' Launches!

Created by Tara Billinger (Disney) & Zach Bellissimo (Victor & Valentino, Rick & Morty), this hand drawn, 2d animated, adventure, fantasy pilot is a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016. 5 years in the making, the creators hired talented industry professionals and prolific freelancers to fulfill their vision. Along with well known voices you've probably heard before (E.G. Daily of Powerpuff Girls & Danny Cooksey of Xiaolin Showdown) and an insane surf rock soundtrack by Kreeps (Red Dead Redemption), the world of Long Gone Gulch is full of thrills, chills, laughs and many surprises.

Rawhide and Snag aren't always the best sheriffs of the strange land known as "The Gulch", when crossing off their wanted poster list leads to the two in hot water, they must fight for what they care about most, while going up against a rogue's gallery of bizarre characters.

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