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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Early this year finally saw the pilot launch of fantastic, new animated show 'Long Gone Gulch' from creators Tara Billinger (Disney) and Zach Bellissimo (Cartoon Network)! With over a million and a half views to date and featuring a roster of animation talent including E.G Daily (Powerpuff Girls/Rugrats) and Danny Cooksey ( Xiaolin Showdown/Regular Show) the show also featured an original score composed by Dom Kreep and performed by Kreeps which is available today over at our Bandcamp site!

From the Producers -

'We knew we didn’t want "Long Gone Gulch" to have a traditional Western soundtrack, and then like destiny, we found the music of Kreeps! The score moves flawlessly through so many different styles: Electronica, jazz funk, horror synth, doo wop, and plenty of beautiful twangy surf rock! Like the classic cartoons of old, the music supports the character’s movements and in another sense, the music itself acts as its own character, giving a voice to the actual world of the Gulch. That is more than what we could have ever hoped for. Listening to this score severed from the actual cartoon is a completely different and satisfying experience on its own. We hope you all enjoy the visceral and energetic music of Kreeps!

The soundtrack digital download contains 27 tracks and music cue's from the show and a collection of Long Gone Gulch theme Wallpapers for mobile and desktop.

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