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From the mists of the Isle Of Diablo, Dom Kreep emerges with The Grim County Coroners in this soundtrack to Sex And Monsters Publishing's  cult comic book favorite ‘TIKI SURF WITCHES WANT BLOOD’ - the retro-horror cocktail guide that shocked the nation! 


This deluxe gatefold single in ‘Blood For Diablo Red’  7 inch vinyl features two sides of haunted psychedelic exotica and surf along with a mini comic featuring the Coroners and the Tiki Surf Witches themselves! Each record also includes an Isle Of Diablo postcard from Dom Kreep complete with his own special cursed cocktail recipe! Bottoms up!


Vinyl purchases come with a free download of the audio tracks, plus original digital artwork by Nik Poliwko, and digital mini comic art.


For further reading - find the original ‘TIKI SURF WITCHES WANT BLOOD’ comic book by Will Penny at

Tiki Surf Witches Want Blood OST - Gatefold 7" Vinyl

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