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Halloween Gets Dark, Dark, DARK

It's been quiet for a while in Kreepsville but we couldn't leave you all hanging without a sweet Halloween treat this October. Kreeps has teamed up once more with Lopside Animation to bring you a new short animation - so kill the lights, light up the jack-o-lanterns, it's time for 'DARK, DARK, DARK' - a spooky, campy, atmospheric descent into madness! With grim narration by Beau Billingsley (Cowboy Bebop / Star Trek / Naruto), musical fx and score by Kreeps, and a whole host of talent fueling the art department, DARK, DARK, DARK takes viewers on a trip through the deep woods to find out what lives in the hidden corners of the most haunted of houses.

Don't forget that you can keep the horror vibes alive long after the short has ended by revisiting this Kreeps curated playlist of some of the greatest Halloween records ever made! Head over to Spotify for Dom Kreeps' Swinging Spooktacular - a collection of over five hours of fangtastic Halloween Rockabilly, Dub, Garage Rock, Soul, Surf, and more from beyond the Spirit Realm!

Happy Halloween everyone!

- Kreeps

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